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Security Septic Tanks

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Your One Stop Shop For All Your Residential and Commercial Septic needs

Security Septic Tanks is a proud member of the Michigan Septic Tank Association, which means you can count on us to deliver exceptional service with a smile — even in the most unpleasant of situations. We know septic issues can be smelly, embarrassing, and costly, but with our preventative products, financing options, and professional team, we can help fix the problem quickly and prevent any future issues. Security Septic Tanks has been operating in excellence for three generations, and we’ve only gotten better with time. From septic cleaning to buying a septic tank to giving free estimates for these services, we have you and your yard covered.

What We Do

Security Septic Tanks, Inc. offers a broad range of septic services, including camera inspections and sewage pump repairs. Residential septic cleaning is a big branch of what we do, and we’re able to do surface cleanouts, as well. If you need assistance putting in a new septic tank, we offer a wide selection of tanks in our shop and are fully licensed and insured to be able to perform the excavation and installation of the septic system, including the drain field, safely and easily. When your septic tank clogs or gets blocked, we can do the line augering and line jetting to clear it out. If it’s really bad, we are happy to provide emergency service 24/7 — so if your midnight bathroom trip turns into a midnight nightmare, we’ll be there to help.

If you’re a commercial business in need of some assistance, we are also fully insured and licensed to do site work for construction projects. Our team of professionals can take care of the entire septic system on our own in practically record time, installing the septic tanks, lines, and drain fields right the first time, and we’re able to do all sorts of excavation, such as basements and driveways. We are also licensed to perform inside and outside restaurant grease trap cleaning statewide.

Free estimates are available for all of our services, from septic cleaning to septic installation. We love what we do to help people, we love that we’re great at it, and we know you will, too.

Products We Sell

To prevent septic emergencies, we sell some of the best products available to take great care of your septic tank. We sell Root X to clear roots out of your pipes for just $33.92. This works by chemically killing the roots that have infiltrated pipes, getting them out of the way without expensive excavation costs.

Microorganisms such as bacteria that eat at the waste in your septic tank are key to preventing blockages and overflows. They perform a more nuanced type of septic cleaning, you could say. We sell SK3 Flushable packets, which create a biofilm of these important organisms to go to work on the septic waste. You can get a full year’s supply from us for just $26.50.

We also sell drainfield materials, both for those confident enough to be doing it yourself or those who ask us to perform installation for you. All the materials and pieces you need for your septic system to be top-notch — like pipes, fittings, septic tanks, filters, and surface clean-out materials — can be purchased from us.

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