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Our Services and Products

Whether you need emergency service for a busted septic tank or you just need to buy some supplies to do it on your own, Security Septic Tanks, Inc. has everything you need. Our broad range of services includes the most common and the most difficult of tasks related to the septic industry. We can do site work for construction such as new homes, which involves putting in the septic tank, septic lines, and septic drain fields, or excavations for things such as basements. For blocked or clogged pipes, we can perform line augering and line jetting, the latter of which uses pure water to blast blockages out of the way without risking any damage to your septic tank and with half the work of augering.

Root X

We also sell products such as Root X, which uses chemicals to destroy roots that have invaded the septic pipes and will clear blockages that are a result of those roots. SK3 flushable packets are another popular product we sell, which help prevent major problems and backups by creating more microorganisms to eat at the waste in your septic system. Our team can help with excavation to install a new septic tank or to dig an old one out, and camera inspections are a great service we offer to diagnose the problems in a septic tank so we know if excavation is actually necessary or if we can fix it some other way. Security Septic Tanks, Inc. is also capable of cleaning both inside and outside grease traps statewide.

Let Us Help / Free Estimates

Free estimates are available for all of our services here at Security Septic Tanks, Inc., with no obligations. Our fully licensed and insured team will make you feel confident in knowing that we will do it right the first time, and we’ll quickly and professionally fix any mistakes if they do occur.

We know septic disasters can be an embarrassing hassle. Let us take care of it for you.

Call Today for Your Free Estimate on Septic Tank Services!