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Septic Pumping & Grease Trap Services

Security Septic Tanks, Inc. can perform cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. We can pump your septic tank to get all of the different wastes out of there, especially what isn’t pushed into the drain field. Security Septic Tanks will make sure the job is done correctly, too, using the tricks and steps necessary to do the best job imaginable, such as using a long tool to stir up the sludge in the bottom of your tank so all of it gets clean, instead of just leaving it there to build up over time. We’re also able to perform grease trap cleaning statewide.

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Specialty Services

Our specialty services include sewage pump repairs, line augering, line jetting, and camera inspections. Sewage pump repairs can fix some backup problems if the issue lies in the sewage basin, a device that catches sewage that can’t be pulled into the septic tank by gravity. The pump’s job is to pull the waste into the septic tank, and if it’s not working properly, you can see some nasty results. Line jetting and augering are two different methods used to clean out blockages from clogged lines. Camera inspections help us diagnose what and where the problem lies in your septic system, so we can more accurately perform the septic tank service you’re in need of.

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Preventative Maintenance & Surface Clean Out

Instead of having to dig up your tank and tear up more of your yard every time your septic tank needs cleaned, we carry surface cleanout materials on hand to make tank cleaning an easier task. With this, we bring the tank opening to the ground level, allowing us to simply hook up to it and pump the tank without having to tear up dirt off the top of your septic tank.
We also sell products such as Root X, which uses chemicals to destroy roots that have invaded the septic pipes and will clear blockages that are a result of those roots. SK3 flushable packets are another popular product we sell, which help prevent major problems and backups by creating more microorganisms to eat at the waste in your septic system.

Environmental & Septic Inspection Services

Residential and Commercial septic system requirements vary by state, and it can get complicated. Security Septic Tanks provides expert residential and commercial septic system inspection. With a deep knowledge about the unique inspection requirements for your area, our highly trained and permit-carrying inspectors can complete a thorough inspection in just a few hours. We’ll give you a detailed residential septic system inspection report and handle all the local reporting paperwork for you.

Excavation Services

Security Septic Tanks, Inc. can perform all sorts of excavation services, whether septic related or not. We can help with excavations for septic tanks, drain fields, driveways, basements, crawl spaces, and site work. We’re experts in this field and are fully licensed and insured, as well. If you have an excavation need that isn’t mentioned here, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll see if we can meet your needs.

Free estimates are available for all jobs we perform, and we now have financing options for qualified customers, including 12 months of no interest and no payments. For payments, we accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Free Estimates & Financing Available

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Certified to perform both septic service and well inspections.